Life Beyond My Body Available Now — 3 Comments

  1. I read your book over the weekend. The description of your life in China was vivid and highlighted the struggles present for many in China. Adding in the difficulties associated with being Transgender in China and how critical identification is for everyday life. The challenges for obtaining medical care, the lack of privacy in toilet and shower/bathing facilities and housing reflect a significant degree more challenging than for some Transgender individuals in more accepting countries. Sharing your story is an important reminder for everyone that each Transgender individual’s journey is a difficult path and support and resources are often found in unexpected places. Thank you for your courage and faith in sharing your story.

    • Dear Danni, I`m honored to have you the first reader who ever interacted concerning the book. You even got the copies ahead of me!
      I appreciate how you value my book. As I said, the story once shared is not my own anymore, it belongs to the tansgender community.
      Now I don`t have to carry those secrets alone, which is a relief.

      • It was an honor to read and learn of your journey. Your writing beautifully described aspects of being Transgender beyond those experienced by most of the Trans folks in the US.